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A fast growing personal auto insurer.

Capitol Insurance Company offers residents of Clinton County, PA,  personal automobile and motorcycle insurance at great rates. Capitol Insurance is convenient to purchase through our network of Independent Insurance Agents located in Pennsylvania. Chances are, we have an agent in your neighborhood.

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Zip Code

Capitol Insurance Company offers car and motorcycle insurance policies to Clinton County, PA residents living in the following areas:

Avis, PA 17721
Beech Creek, PA16822
Castanea, PA 17726
Farrandsville, PA 17745
Hyner, PA 17738
Lamar, PA 16848
Lock Haven, PA 17745
Loganton, PA 17747
Mackeyville, PA17750
Mcelhattan, PA 17748
Mill Hall, PA 17751
North Bend, PA 17738
North Bend, PA 17760
Renovo, PA 17764
Salona, PA 17767
Tylersville, PA17773
Westport, PA 17778
Woolrich, PA 17779

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