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A fast growing personal auto insurer.

Capitol Insurance Company offers residents of Huntingdon County, PA, personal automobile and motorcycle insurance at great rates. Capitol Insurance is convenient to purchase through our network of Independent Insurance Agents located in Pennsylvania. Chances are, we have an agent in your neighborhood.

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Zip Code

Capitol Insurance Company offers car and motorcycle insurance policies to Huntingdon County, PA residents living in the following areas:

Alexandria, PA 16611
Barree, PA 16611
Blairs Mills, PA 17213
Broad Top City, PA 16621
Calvin, PA 16622
Cassville, PA 16623
Dudley, PA 16634
Entriken, PA 16638
Hesston, PA 16647
Huntingdon, PA 16652
James Creek, PA16657
Mapleton Depot, PA 17052
Mcconnellstown, PA 16660
Mill Creek, PA 17060
Mount Union, PA17066
Neelyton, PA 17239
Orbisonia, PA 17243
Petersburg, PA 16669
Robertsdale, PA16674
Rockhill Furnace, PA 17249
Saltillo, PA 17253
Shade Gap, PA 17255
Shirleysburg, PA 17260
Spruce Creek, PA 16683
Three Springs, PA 17264
Todd, PA 16685
Warriors Mark, PA 16877


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