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A fast growing personal auto insurer.

Capitol Insurance Company offers residents of Mercer County, PA, personal automobile and motorcycle insurance at great rates. Capitol Insurance is convenient to purchase through our network of Independent Insurance Agents located in Pennsylvania. Chances are, we have an agent in your neighborhood.

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Zip Code

Capitol Insurance Company offers car and motorcycle insurance policies to Mercer County, PA residents living in the following areas:

Carlton, PA 16311
Clark, PA 16113
Clarks Mills, PA 16114
Farrell, PA 16121
Fredonia, PA 16124
Greenville, PA 16125
Grove City, PA 16127
Hadley, PA 16130
Hermitage, PA 16148
Jackson Center, PA 16133
Jamestown, PA 16134
Mercer, PA 16137
Sandy Lake, PA 16145
Sharon, PA 16146
Sharon, PA 16148
Sharpsville, PA 16150
Sheakleyville, PA 16151
Shenango, PA 16125
Stoneboro, PA 16153
Transfer, PA 16154
West Middlesex, PA 16159
Westford, PA 16134
Wheatland, PA 16161


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