CAPITOL INSURANCE COMPANY  offers automobile and motorcycle insurance through a network of independent agents in the Pennsylvania market.

Our business is built on our network of agents,
whose clients are insured safe...under the dome!

To become a Capitol Producer, contact us at 1-800-394-2423, ext 125.

Capitol Insurance Company has built a solid reputation for affordable and reliable automobile and motorcycle insurance in Pennsylvania, growing steadily for over 35 years. We offer excellent rates for those who need affordable, personal vehicle coverage. At Capitol, you get discounts that others won’t offer. We have low down payments, flexible payment schedules and insightful underwriting - this all adds up to happy customers.

As our Producer, we trust your judgment and strive for a relationship of mutual respect and exceptional cooperation. We work to protect you and your clients everyday.  Your success in placing customers is our success as an insurance carrier, keeping people covered and feeling safe on the road.

Click here to learn more about becoming a Capitol Agent.

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